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Sunday, April 24, 2011
First - What does it mean selling on commission:Initially selling on commission is a means of profit of the many scattered appointed Internet, which relies on that you have your own site, which has also frequently visitors it (otherwise they will reap a lot of these programs or will not reap something) When you subscribe to one of these programs have to link your you and is the link which you can make a profit by putting it in your site and discernible commissions on every sale made on your way and you are in this case dubbed (Affiliate Marketer) 

Secondly - how does it work programs selling on commission:When you sign in a reputable consignment programs, get the Linksys and some of your own also provides Bannarat and other advertising media and to streamline the idea I will give an example of this:Let us suppose that you've partnership program of selling on commission's Forum Network Adsense will give you the Link special you are putting in place that you specify in your site and when entering some visitors to your site and draw Antbahmm this ad and visited the advertiser's site (the network) was to purchase the product through the link on you will give you a percentage of the sale price (and usually this ratio fixed and agreed that depending on the site that offers this program) you work as a mediator between the site and stated the final consumer or customerIII - Types of software profitability:

1-Pay Per Sale: and payment is made in this case, when the visitors from your site to buy one of the products the site that you are subscribed to (ie, when they are converted to visitors from your site to customers or consumers)

2-Tiered Commission: In this type of program will be charged on the basis of the extent of his best at work or on the basis of the number of sales made by him during the month of the more high and your performance was achieved as many sales have been increasing the proportion of commission to be paid to you

3-Pay Per Lead: in this case is calculated by the commission on the basis of the number of participants in the advertiser's site on your way IE is calculated by the commission for every person involved in the location of your way, and an example that when you convert one of your visitors to a joint newsletter (Newsletter ) in one of the sites that advertise them. And this method is used a lot of the owners of sites profit from the free companies.

4-Combined Pricing Structure: In this method, some sites provided to the software calculates the sales commission commission in a normal fashion, such as the previous best but adds to it a gift or Kavip (Bonus) to your account in case the first sign that was on your way. And certainly this is one of ways to promote

5-Pay Per Click: in this way commission is calculated on the basis of every visitor goes to the advertiser's site, and certainly is calculated by the second commission also if this visitor has bought one of products. And certainly be a commission for this type on every visitor is less than calculated on each sale


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