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    How to earning money online

    Wednesday, April 27, 2011 8 comments
     English Version if you read for arabic lang please go down

     How you can make $ 1000 every month, please first read the article complete
     The first area Google Adsense you can make $ 250 a month from Google AdSense and this method found in the books and commentary, please follow the book to bring visitors Hook

     The second area is the AdSense revenue share if I wrote 20 articles and deployed in 50 Internet site under the sharing scheme will achieve $ 50 per article or less

     And a third area code is the price you can make $ 100 a month from this blog and all this and more in the commentary and how we work $ 100

     And the fourth field is Vlixia this area you can also investigate $ 100 a month all of this you just have to have an account at Google Adsense and you will see the way photographs in the books in the commentary

     Fifth area is corporate profit if you worked hard in these companies will get a monthly salary of at least $ 150 in 3 companies, but these companies please be patient after the first month you will be able to invite your friends if I called 50 people in each company will get a monthly salary Please read the details in the book

     And the sixth field is the sites upload 20 files per month and deployed in 100 sites on the Internet will get 10 000 Down Lod, in less than 20 months file any $ 200 and thus the field, who afterwards if a shortcut files you can then upload files to take your links and then condensing This is how you will profit from this area of ​​$ 200 also
    Domain VIII is how to profit from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube you can profit $ 50 per month and more of this area

     Domain IX and X you can work $ 2000 per month and more, but these areas take some time, for example, web design must take all courses on the page and no less than 6 months or more and the area of ​​sales commission can be patient it long will take the salary that you dream of, if unanimously agreed that profits will give you $ 1000 per month and more talk about this personal experience

    There are 10 areas on the Internet for profit

    You can profit $ 700 every month

    1 - Google Adsense

    2 - Adsense revenue share

    3 - Wordpress

    4 - flixya

    5 - PTC sites

    6 - Upload Sites

    7 - Sites shortcut files

    8 - Make money from Facebook and Twitter

    9 - Affiliate Marketing

    10 - Web Design


    1 -  Google Adsense

    You do not need in order to familiarize with the work you are working with Google

    1 - Using Other Peoples Info To Increase Your Adsense Cash
    2 - 5 Ways To Improve Your Adsense Earnings
    3 - How To Avoid Getting Your Adsense Account Terminated
    4 - Don't Get Caught With Google Adsense Click Fraud
    5 - Google Adsense - The Easiest Money To Make Online?
    6 - The Basics On How TO Start Making Money With Adsense
    7 - 2 Surefire Ways To Maximize Your Adsense Earnings
    8 - Monetizing Your Website With Adsense Is Profitable!
    9 - 3 Reasons Why Adsense Is Essential For Content Sites
    10 - Who Else Wants To Make Money With Adsense?

    11 - Resources

    you can read this book in this link please click skip ad when you click the link

    Google Adsense Book


    2 - Adsense revenue share

    Adsense revenue share is a have to have an account at Google Adsense and share the Web sites and write posts in the sections that you prefer and you will appear in your Adsense ads is to participate this AdSense profits


    3 - Wordpress Blog

    Blog Press, like Google Code Blog is free when sharing the AdSense ads showing all the ad click enter you money in your account

    this link explin the word press form A to Z

    WordPress Blog Explain


    4 - Flixya Blog

    flixya this blog site of the largest sites in the AdSense revenue share code that you can make it like Google, but will you share in the profits of Adsense The advantage of this site that Evthalk Adsense account after only one hour after two days is not like Google 


    5 - PTC sites

    There are some companies profit from those companies on the Internet swindlers, but I brought you the best and best-profit companies in the world and these companies can profit amount per month and if I called your friends will win more for you to win all the pressure from a friend just like him

    this is best company to profit in this field

    50% from reffle click

    minimum payout : 2 $

    Alert pay - Paypal


     second company in the world in this field

    100% from reffle click

    minimum payout : 2 $

    Alertpay - Paypal


     Third company in the world in this field

    100% from reffle click

    minimum payout : 2 $

    Alertpay - Paypal


     This is a book full explanation of this area

    PTC Explain


     6 - Upload Sites

    First site Is the giant Russian Ziddu

    The idea of ​​profit from uploading sites when you upload a file is take your link and when someone uses this link is calculated by money in your account

    All 10.000 DownLoad counted $ 10 in your account and the minimum payment is $ 10 and takes 50% of the Reffle and payment is through PayPal or Moneybookers


    There are many sites uploaded, but I chose this site for easy handling and fame


    7 - Sites shortcut files

     Shortcut links are sites easily when to summarize the link of your own and took up this link every 1000 people will see this link enters the manual you $ 1 in your account and the minimum payment of $ 5 on the Bank of Alert pay and Paypal

     Referral Program - 20% Earnings FOR LIFE



    8 - Make money from Facebook and Twitter

    Did you that you can profit from Facebook and Twitter, yes you can



    9 - Affiliate Marketing

    Please consider in



    10 - Web Design

    Please consider in 



     Arabic Version

     كيف يمكنك عمل ١٠٠٠ دولار فى كل شهر ، اولا يرجى قرائه المقاله كامله

     اول مجال جوجل ادسينس يمكنك عمل ٢٥٠ دولار شهريا من جوجل ادسينس وهذه الطريقه موجوده فى الكتب والشرح ويرجى اتباع كتاب هووك لجلب الزوار

     وثانى مجال هو مشاركه ارباح ادسينس اذا كتبت ٢٠ مقاله ونشرتهم فى ٥٠ موقع انترنت بنظام المشاركه سوف تحقق ٥٠ دولار لكل مقاله او اقل

     وثالث مجال هو المدونه بريس يمكنك عمل ١٠٠ دولار شهريا من هذه المدونه واكثر وكل هذا فى الشرح وكيفه عمل ١٠٠ دولار

     و رابع مجال هو فليكسيا هذا المجال يمكنك ايضا التحقيق ١٠٠ دولار شهريا كل هذا يجب فقط ان يكون لديك حساب فى جوجل ادسينس وسوف ترى الطريقه مصوره فى الكتب فى الشرح

     خامس مجال و هو شركات الربح اذا اجتهدت فى هذه الشركات سوف تحصل على مرتب شهرى ما لا يقل عن ١٥٠ دولار فى ٣ شركات ولكن هذه الشركات يرجى الصبر بعد اول شهر سوف يمكنك ان تدعو اصدقائك اذا دعوت ٥٠ شخص فى كل شركه سوف تحصل على مرتب شهرى يرجى قرائه التفاصيل فى الكتاب

     وسادس مجال هو مواقع رفع الملفات ٢٠ ملف شهريا ونشرهم فى ١٠٠ موقع على الانترنت سوف تحصل على ١٠ الاف داون لود فى اقل من شهر ٢٠ ملف اى 200 دولار  وهكذا المجال الذى بعده اذا وهو اختصار الملفات يمكنك بعد رفع الملفات اخذ الروابط الخاصه بك ثم تقوم باختصارها فهكذا سوف تربح من هذا المجال 200 دولار ايضا

    المجال الثامن هو كيفيه الربح من فيس بوك وتويتر و اليوتيوب يمكنك ربح ٥٠ دولار شهريا فاكثر من هذا المجال

     المجال التاسع و العاشر يمكنك عمل 2000 دولار شهريا فاكثر الا هذه المجالات تاخذ بعض الوقت مثلا تصميم المواقع يجب ان تاخذ جميع الكورسات الموجوده فى الصفحه وهذا لا يقل عن 6 شهور فاكثر ومجال البيع بالعموله يمكنك الصبر مده طويله ولن تاخذ المرتب الذى كنت تحلم به ، اذا اجمعت هذه الارباح سوف تعطيك ١٠٠٠ دولار فاكثر شهريا هذا الكلام عن تجربه شخصيه

    يوجد 10 مجالات للربح من على الانترنت

    تستطيع ان تربح 700 دولار فى كل شهر

    1 - جوجل ادسينس

    2 - مشاركه الارباح بادسينس

    3 - مدونه الورد بريس

    4 - مدونه فليكسيا

    5 - شركات الربح

    6 - مواقع رفع الملفات

    7 - مواقع اختصار الملفات

    8 - الربح من الفيس بوك و تويتر

    9 - البيع بالعموله

    10 - تصميم المواقع


    1- جوجل ادسينس

    لا تحتاج لكى تعرف مع من تعمل فانت تعمل مع جوجل

    لقد رفعت بعد الكتب لاحتراف جوجل ادسينس ووضع خطه للربح من جوجل ادسينس

    هذه بعض الكتب لاحتراف ادسينس

    Google adsense Courses

    2 - مشاركه ارباح ادسنس

    مشاركه ارباح ادسنس هى عباره عن ان يكون لديك حساب فى ادسينس وتشترك فى مواقع الانترنت وتكتب مواضيع فى اقسام التى تفضلها وسوف يظهر لك اعلانات ادسينس فى صفحتك هذه هى المشاركه بارباح ادسينس اى لا تحتاج الى مدونه او موقع

    ويحدد هذا بعدد الزوار لموضوعك وعدد التعليقات


    3 - مدونه الورد بريس

    مدونه بريس مثلها مثل مدونه جوجل هى مدونه مجانيه عندما تشترك فى ادسينس تظهر عليها الاعلانات وكل نقره على الاعلان يدخل لك فلوس فى حسابك

     كتاب لشرح مدونه الورد بريس

    WordPress Course

    4 -  مدونه فليكسيا

    مدونه فلكسيا هذا الموقع من اكبر المواقع فى مشاركه ارباح ادسينس يمكنك عمل مدونه عليه مثل جوجل ولكن سوف يشاركك فى ارباح ادسينس وميزه هذا الموقع انه يفتحلك حساب ادسينس بعد ساعه واحده فقط ليس بعد يومان مثل جوجل

    شرح كيفيه التسجيل
    Flixya Course

    5 - شركات الربح

    شركات الربح يوجد بعض من هذه الشركات على الانترنت نصابين ولكن انا احضرت لكم افضل واصدق شركات الربح فى العالم و هذه الشركات يمكنك ربح مبلغ شهريا واذا دعوت اصدقائك سوف تربح المزيد لانك تربح على كل ضغطه من صديقك مثله تماما

    هذه افضل شركه فى هذا المجال

    الحد الادنى للدفع 2 دولار

    50 % من ضغطه الريفيل

    الرت باى و باى بال


    ثانى شركه على مستوى العالم فى هذا المجال

    الحد الادنى للدفع 2 دولار

    100 % من ضغطه الريفيل

    الرت باى او باى بال


    ثالث شركه على مستوى العالم فى هذا المجال

    الحد الادنى للدفع 2 دولار

     100 % من ضغطه الريفيل

    الرت باى او باى بال


    وهذا كتاب شرح كامل لهذا المجال

    PTC Course


    6 - مواقع رفع الملفات

    اول موقع رفع هو العملاق الروسى زيدو

    فكرة الربح من مواقع رفع الملفات هو عندما ترفع ملف تاخذ الرابط الخاص بك وعندما شخص يستخدم هذا الرابط يتم احتساب فلوس فى حسابك

    كل ١٠.٠٠٠ داون لود يحتسب ١٠ دولار فى حسابك والحد الادنى للدفع هو ١٠ دولار وتاخذ نسبه ٥٠ % من الريفيل والدفع يتم عن طريق  باى بال او مونى بوكر


    يوجد كثير من مواقع الرفع ولكننى اخترت هذا الموقع لسهوله تعامله وشهرته

    وهذا كتاب يشرح كيفيه الربح من رفع الملفات

    Raf3 el mlfat Course


    7 - مواقع اختصار الملفات

    مواقع اختصار الروابط هى بكل سهوله عندما تختصر رابط خاص بك واشهرت هذا الرابط كل ١٠٠٠ شخص سوف يرون هذا الرابط المختصر يدخل لك ١ دولار فى حسابك والحد الادنى للدفع ٥ دولار على بنك الرت باى و باى بال

    وتاخذ 20 % على الريفيل



    8 -  حد فكر قبل كده انو ممكن يكسب فلوس من الفيس بوك وتويتر

        دا لينك فيه ازاى تكسب من الفيس بوك وتويتر وبوتيوب



    9 - البيع بالعموله

    يرجى النظر فى



    10 - تصميم المواقع

    يرجى النظر فى



    Thanx For Reading

    real jobs

    Tuesday, April 26, 2011 4 comments
    Who wants to work in Arab countries, for all functions, and in all the Arab countries

    all this sites Provide job











     this sites Provide fill in all Arab and foreign countries















     www.Workopolis Canada.com

     www.Job Pilot.com

    Thanx For Reading

    Travel by Immigration


    Advertising companies

     Ad Brite

    Of the best companies advertising company Ad Brite this company paid even if no one will put pressure on the ads, but the most important thing in this company are the keywords which do not care about the content such as Google

    Note: Company Ad Brite put ads after many weeks and in some of the time these ads as the company announces a respectable but not eliminated as possible these ads

    The minimum to send profit : 5 $

    Method of sending : Check


     Bidvertiser Company

    Featuring the company it provides advertising texts do not provide advertising images or flash and this company is given, but complete freedom of the amendment in the form of declarations and estimated open Alaalaanat in new, but there has some flaws there is no advertisers Arabs is great, but if your site's content in English You can register for In this company

    The minimum to send a Profit: $ 10 paypal - $ 50 check


    CPX  interactive

    Featuring the company it was offering image ads and flash do not care about the content of the site and keywords, there are the pop-up ads and pop under

    Note: This company in some cases, announces the picture is respectable, but you can prevent it

    Payment method: check or PayPal

    Minimum payment: $ 50


    Thanx For reading

    Affiliate Marketer

    Sunday, April 24, 2011 3 comments
    First - What does it mean selling on commission:Initially selling on commission is a means of profit of the many scattered appointed Internet, which relies on that you have your own site, which has also frequently visitors it (otherwise they will reap a lot of these programs or will not reap something) When you subscribe to one of these programs have to link your you and is the link which you can make a profit by putting it in your site and discernible commissions on every sale made on your way and you are in this case dubbed (Affiliate Marketer) 

    Secondly - how does it work programs selling on commission:When you sign in a reputable consignment programs, get the Linksys and some of your own also provides Bannarat and other advertising media and to streamline the idea I will give an example of this:Let us suppose that you've partnership program of selling on commission's Forum Network Adsense will give you the Link special you are putting in place that you specify in your site and when entering some visitors to your site and draw Antbahmm this ad and visited the advertiser's site (the network) was to purchase the product through the link on you will give you a percentage of the sale price (and usually this ratio fixed and agreed that depending on the site that offers this program) you work as a mediator between the site and stated the final consumer or customerIII - Types of software profitability:

    1-Pay Per Sale: and payment is made in this case, when the visitors from your site to buy one of the products the site that you are subscribed to (ie, when they are converted to visitors from your site to customers or consumers)

    2-Tiered Commission: In this type of program will be charged on the basis of the extent of his best at work or on the basis of the number of sales made by him during the month of the more high and your performance was achieved as many sales have been increasing the proportion of commission to be paid to you

    3-Pay Per Lead: in this case is calculated by the commission on the basis of the number of participants in the advertiser's site on your way IE is calculated by the commission for every person involved in the location of your way, and an example that when you convert one of your visitors to a joint newsletter (Newsletter ) in one of the sites that advertise them. And this method is used a lot of the owners of sites profit from the free companies.

    4-Combined Pricing Structure: In this method, some sites provided to the software calculates the sales commission commission in a normal fashion, such as the previous best but adds to it a gift or Kavip (Bonus) to your account in case the first sign that was on your way. And certainly this is one of ways to promote

    5-Pay Per Click: in this way commission is calculated on the basis of every visitor goes to the advertiser's site, and certainly is calculated by the second commission also if this visitor has bought one of products. And certainly be a commission for this type on every visitor is less than calculated on each sale

    Source: http://100fm6.com/vb/showthread.php?t=28433%20-%20100fm6.com

    Best Affiliate Companys






     Thanx For Reading

    Internet surfing


    best sites for free Domains
















    This sites no ADV and 1 year



    best sites for free hosting

    http://x10hosting.com/                         free space :  unlimted

    http://manashosting.com/100gbspace.html%20%20    free space : 100 GB

    http://www.host1free.com/                  free space : 10 GB

    http://www.yourfreehosting.net/          free space : 5 GB

    http://www.zymic.com/free-web-hosting/            free space : 5 GB

    http://freehostingnoads.net/                        free space : 2 GB

    http://mozy.com/                                    free space : 2 GB

    http://www.000webhost.com/%20%20%20%20%201500%20mb            free space : 1.5 GB

    http://www.multimania.co.uk/              free space : 1 GB



    free flash website desgin 



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    Forex and stock market courses

    Forex and Borsa Courses

    Forex education courses and Exchange and how professional, these courses from beginning to professional

    Intensive Course in Forex Education


    Forms of technical analysis


    Chart Pattern models or charts


    Causes of loss in trading stock market


    Forex education for beginners


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    Full course in Forex Education

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